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  1. sending morale support for our favorite admin!!! <3<3<3<3<3 Z! We love you!

  2. ahahaha i recognize that display picture LOL

  3. I really don't care if people dislike me. I was asked to do a job here so I do it. Don't break the rules and you won't have a problem.

  4. That's right. I'm the Sheriff and I bring down the Law.

  5. Le sigh... Why do all the good ones have to go?

  6. Ooooh, I wonder how her acting skills will be? I anticipate that she will do well, she does so in everything she tries!
  7. Wooooo!!! *runs around spazzing!!!* geez hyomin looks so dang hott with that hair! smexier than ever... X-D
  8. Hmm, they always like to make long MVs.... hopefully this one will be as good as the others!
  9. looks like kks just entered super creeper mode.... It'll be interesting to see how such a young member works alongside the older members like Boram and Qri. The age gap is almost as many years as she is old.
  10. If anyone's planning to attend message me. There's a few of us who are and if you'd like to join us you'd be welcome!
  11. it's fun on the days i can just surf the fansites and not spend all my time moderating! not that moderating is a bad thing...

  12. poke poke, goood eveningg!

  13. So, how exactly does this twitter thing work anyway?

  14. poke poke, good morning!~

  15. Weekend training went smooth enough. Nothin too stressful and no one upset the cadres LOL

  16. Finally got more pain meds. about time too

  17. Lucky. I wish I could go to high school again. Of course I would probably hate it as much as I did the first time...

  18. I've been well. How have you been?

  19. good morning candy!!~

  20. Headcolds are the worst, especially in summer! especially on the weekend!!!!

  21. poke poke, good morning

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