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  1. hi so your a filipino too hehehehe i was a filipino too!

  2. hi,do you have Facebook Account or Twitter Account???if have add me as a friend!!!this is my Facebook account http://www.facebook.com/HeeYeonie

    my Twiiter Account http://twitter.com/#!/QueenMaldita

  3. hi!,have a nice to you Haengbok ^^... are you a filipino?

  4. yes, i'm having a good time here. i'm glad i joined this forum ^^

  5. haha thanks! you enjoying this forum very much? i can see it! ~~

  6. omo, omo congrats on being a gallery uploader!! ^^

  7. i love b1a4!! especially sandeul ^^

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sweettreasurer


      what means n1a4???..is that a band or what???

    3. haengbok


      yes, b1a4 is a new boy group, you guys should totally listen to them!

    4. thunderlight


      lol yeah me too!!!!! my bias is baroooo~

  8. [PIC] Eunjung's Promotional Poster for "White : The Curse of the Melody" CREDIT : t-arafan + haengbok + tiaradiadem.com
  9. Hehe.. Your Welcome!~ ^__^

  10. [sELCAS] Twitter Updates: Q-ri and Eunjung (04/27) Q-ri's twitter Eunjung's twitter CREDIT: t-arafan.com + haengbok + tiaradiadem.com
  11. who has a twitter account??

    1. blumblum
    2. blumblum


      im already following you, and you following me.. haha~

  12. wow! all of the T-ara members sure are busy with indivdual activities! Looking forward to it now
  13. T-ara sure does love horror films can't wait to see how Hyomin will act on this movie FIGHTING~~!
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