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  1. so, by saying that the member will be easily inserted n removed means that he only want to mantain the 'T-ara' not the people in t-ara..again, this is only for the sake of the company, not for the member at all..really sad and can't accept this..
  2. why they have to compete with each other?just compete with another group.. the only thing that will make you become stronger is being together.. each of them also have their own fans that make what t-ara more popular now, besides they are really close to each other.. if the new added/replaceable members is good enough to compete with them, just make their own group already, why have to ruin t-ara?i rarely care about kpop before this, but t-ara make me a kpop fan.. by the way, kpop is really scary, no matter how hard you work and become successful, you need to always running non-stop
  3. owhhh..i'm really sad and it is actually really give a bad effect to me..feel like crying love them too much as who they are now..
  4. can you give another link, it get blocked, please.....i want to watch it so much
  5. yeah, that's the way it is.. keep fighting and get a well rest too..
  6. such a cutie jiyeon as always,, fighting!!!!!!! :wub:
  7. jiyeon is so pretty here.. jiyeon fighting for dream high 2,, good luck
  8. such an awesome performance from t-ara.. keep fighting t-ara... :wub:
  9. they all r really good.. its a pity that eunjung is not there.. please have a full recover eunjung..
  10. love boram and soyeon.. t-ara fighting.. and always keep ur fighting spirit.......
  11. congrats t-ara, t-ara fighting.. love t-ara so much.. <3 <3 <3
  12. so cute......t-ara fighting so glad get to know them..
  13. keep fighting t-ara love them so much :P
  14. thanks for uploading, waiting for the preview of this week!!
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