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  1. Awww she's so cute :3 Our girls would be really happy to see their labelmates support them!
  2. isn't that girl from master's sun drama.. lol btw qri looks so cute with her new hair ^______^
  3. What are they doing?? Comeback preparation maybe or whut.. Anyway Qri unnie looks so pretty ) ♥♥
  4. I just hope CCM won't add a new member again.. and I hope Dani will only stay in N4 o.o Can't wait for their comeback!
  5. This year is a lucky year for T-ara! I hope they'll return back as 7 again! I really miss T-ara TT-TT
  6. Congratulations girls ))) I bet SNSD is the first and 2ne1 is the second. Congratulations to them too. More successful for T-ara go ~~~
  7. Congratulations girls! I bet the top 5 must be either SNSD, Super Junior or etc. Does it include Japanese albums? Hope so xD
  8. Wow ... They must be very busy for Banisuta promotion..Hope the girls are fine and take care of their health! and... I hope Banisuta will bring 'victory' to T-ara again *____* So jealous with Sweet Treasure. They're so lucky. Hwaiting T-ara ^___^
  9. Yeah agreed that they might have a test for sub-unit .... AND WOOT EUNJIMIN !!! XDDD It's quite expensive for me because I don't have money anymore... Used all money to buy books It's okay i'll try my best to collect and buy this ;____;
  10. too busy with homeworks TT_TT i'll try my best to do the chapter one within these two weeks ho ho ho

  11. /cries/ they deserve this!!!! i'm super happy they got award ^3^ and yeah they came to malaysia :3333
  12. Haha so kyuti ^.^ Is that a hint for their comeback? lol sorry long time haven't updated myself with T-ara T.T
  13. Aww the girls look pretty like always! Thanks for updating. Jji looks so cute and hey I see HyoReum there
  14. lol am i the only one who thinks jiyeon did the lego things? XDD but if qri did that , super thumbs up. another very talented and genius girl like jiyeon yeah lol (Y)
  15. Nice . She looks so pretty here but my Jiyeon is way prettier muahahahhaha > Hwaiting Dani. Looking forward to your debut .
  16. Qri looks sooooo pretty wow~ Amazing ah~ ^0^ Thanks for the updates~
  17. Ah feel so jealous towards Sweet Treasure >0< Anyway, I hope they'll take care of their health too. Chaiyok!!
  18. @Realmz its a magazine ~~~ Hyomin is sooo sexy and pretty xD I like her sexy cool image here Thnx for sharing ^_________^
  19. Argh seriously ... D: CCM makes the situation worse... and those K-netizens ..... I really hope that old fatty ceo will die or someone could replace him.. D:
  20. Good decision that they've made! T-ara is making me proud *0* Plus, they also have Dani in the group lol
  21. What's up with the age? o.O Anyway the cake is really beautiful and it is suitable for a cutie pretty princess like Qri ^.^
  22. She's so cute :33333 The bun Her dance is good too ^.^ No wonder she got accepted to be in T-ara. Good job girl
  23. ^ I believe Busker Busker is a new group just debuted this year. But never listen to their song lol CONGRATZ TO MY GIRLZ They won the 4th place which is very good. I hope T-ara will be able to beat PSY,Big Bang and Busker Busker. O.O
  24. u make me crayjier.... 6____9

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