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  1. no hyomin for the first time?? ahh.. nvrmind ! go t-t-t-ara! xD especially soyeon.. :x
  2. my name is T-Nee.then the founder account lost password..so i use Crazy~ maijiyeon is my sister.. aigoo..this is complicated.. xD

  3. did soyeon wear any make up? wow.. she's so pretty!
  4. mine?? no need to change! i'll always obey the rules! i'm not like my sister[MyTiaraKpop] she's a rule breaker! no!!! i'm kidding!
  5. ohmy! http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/uploads/gallery/album_1044/gallery_5371_1044_35538.jpg this is so cute!! going to use it for my facebook picture!
  6. oh ok! going to read it!

  7. yes.i'm using my sister's account.. bcos she uses my account -.- complicated xD we have upgrade our forum. go and check ! :D

  8. ah.. cute eunjeong !! hopes she is happy with her virtual husband!
  9. where is soyeon? http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/uploads/gallery/album_1127/gallery_2330_1127_978158.gif haha boram is just too cute
  10. soyeon.. full of charismatic ! hehe i'll marry her(if i were a boy)
  11. sweet melody, SARANGHAE!! sweet maknae , you're so pretty!
  12. those images! are so big!!! hahaha ! jiyeon,what a u doing?
  13. sorry,this new is about jiyeon not relationship about lee joon and hyomin :x parkjiyeon , one word to describe you = STRONG!
  14. wahhh..they're so cute~ especially boram,soyeon and jiyeon.. eunjung is sexy !
  15. poster only? wae no hyomin? hahaha. nevermind! fighting hyomin~
  16. Wow! each has cute .. things. hahaha hwayoung is so pretty and sexy!
  17. Jiyeon noona neomu yeapo! and soyeon is so funny .ahaha
  18. http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/uploads/gallery/album_1106/gallery_2330_1106_345659.gif haha , she's so funny! and cute..she must be so tired .
  19. she's just too adorable for me! and the cookie looks very delicia !
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