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  1. She's overworked . See? T-ara is the most hardworking and overworked girl group / group in Kpop. CCM must take some actions towards KKS or maybe CCM is also as the same like KKS? ohmy.. I hope she's okay. This gotta be so serious.
  2. LOL KKS . =.=" And hey,I'm also mad about her being another rapper(MAYBE). But you guys shouldn't be mad to her. I'm trying to accept her O_O although it's damn hard like before we tried to accept Hwayoung. She's just 14.Yes,I know. But don't you ever think about her feelings? She has feelings too. Poor girl. This is all KKS's fault! >< dammit ~~~
  3. Oh badddd.. it's official,, T-ara is so popular for being the retro idols. LOL but adding 14 years old .... is just a very bad idea. She's too young. I don't think she can survive. Even our T-ara girls only have 2 hours to sleep, omo. poor girl.
  4. My newest icon is not showing. :((

  5. LOL Their long legs @_@ so sexy. It's nice to see them tell the truth I don't really know about Gangkiz but good luck ._.
  6. 70k are applying to join their official fanclub?!? WOW!! Malaysia should join too kk~
  7. I actually like the meaning of TARATHENAS. But just sounds weird to me o.O Btw, Princess fanclub name is taken. LOL by Clinah. xD I think QUEEN'S is the best name!
  8. Congratulations to our T-ara ladies! Way to go further :DDD They should debut in USA but they're too busy then, don't have too :DD
  9. LOL. I don't think their official fanclub site will open in English. They'll sure open at Daum cafe. I still don't get how to register at Daum.
  10. I hope it is open to all t-ara fans out here I really want to have one. The photobook is damn expensive (sparkle) i hope i can get one!!!
  11. She is real cool!!! She deserves more attention! She's really talented~ Maigahhh~ I just love her!
  12. KKS is damn crazy. Can someone buy me a big sharp knife so I can kill this fatty?! xD I just think that I maybe can accept these two.. But... If our ladies don't get lines AT ALL and Soyeon's,Hyomin's parts getting lesser , ... Let's kill KKS! D: he sucks. T-ara is 7 not 9!!
  13. LOL! They look so cute :3 and adorable! I hope we can have HD pictures for all the pictures

  15. Mangzzz.. The girls' selcas! Really impressive xDDD I hope they're okay now Hwaiting girls~
  16. How much the photobook is? OMG the first photo is so gorgeous ! Queens should have one photobook or even more! kk
  17. OMG ! How much this album costs?!? ><~ We should buy~~ Excited to listen to the song *~* 3 songs kk~ YAY FOR JIYEONNIE~ there. who says Jiyeon can't sing huh? ><><
  18. He's stupid,brainless! I hope T-ara will remain 7 members! I can still accept 8 members only if the eighth member is Jiae ! go 7ara!
  19. ooh lala~ HQ pictures! *____________* I can save those whew! Thanks for sharing. Hwayoung looks so cheerful haha xD and yeahh BoSo couple
  20. Yoo Seung Ho is a 'female idol first kisser'. XD hahax~ UEE jealoused ? LOL thats funny. finally she confessed about her feelings towards Jiyeon.
  21. *Woojung couple in Lombok* LOLOL

  22. Cute , lovely , beautiful , pretty , gorgeous baby maknae here! wah~ Thanks for sharing ^______^ She made my day complete~~
  23. Aww :333 That's super cute! I really love their two moments! Lovely and caring
  24. wow Speed members!!!!!!! I can't wait to see them debut ^______^ And hoho Hyoyoung+Hwayoung = epicccc
  25. LOL strawberry fashion again! Is that Sora behind Jiyeon? xD She looks chubby~ YAY! Jiyeon is going to sing ballad(i think so)
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