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  1. Where is Jiyeonnie? :[[[[ I want my Jiyeon back~~ LOL Btw,who's next to Hwayoung?Is that Hyoyoung? >_> I'm confused now xD
  2. Strawberry Jiyeonaaahh~~ OMG OMG OMG! What episode is dat? I haven't watch the drama T_______T I hope I can watch the dramaaa..
  3. The girls are so pretty and cute! Why are they releasing individual teasers? But it's okay ~ YAY
  4. CCM reminds me of dat SM. These 2 companies suck and we all hate how they trained their artists. Geerrrr... Our girls need rest! For 1 month is enuff!
  5. For Malay radio.. for now.. no . They haven't and never play T-ara songs unless we request at Era FM Online. Well.. I'm not Chinese actually. But I know One FM got Korean songs,so there's one day,they played these 3 songs and said that those 3 songs are the top 3.
  6. The words doesn't look so glossy xD I love them in the photos! So pretty~ And EunJiMin is daebak!
  7. h No moah eunmin?!? She shouldn't be jealous xD LOL I hope she won't get tired easily.
  8. I see..someone is using my sig without crediting .But it's okay since I've put my name xD

  9. OMG Song Joong Ki and our baby Jiyeon?!?! Great couple then xD Our Jiyeon looks so gorgeous with that smile!
  10. OMG SO ADORABLE!!! SoRam is real x) And Sojin is so cute too. xD And Bora is so pretty, And Min hohooho. Is that Chocolat's Tia and Girl's Day's Jihae? The picture is not so clear >_>
  11. Look so weird o_O I hope Hyomin will get enuff rest ! She'll be going back from Korea to China and from China to Korea. And who knows that the girls are doing another single for their Japanese version? She might have to go Japan too.. OMG .
  12. Actually,I like this name rather than Citrine. xD I think either Queens or T-Amo is our official fanclub name .
  13. That's so awesome when this song managed to get top 10 and this song is also managed to get into top 3 in One FM(Malaysia's Chinese Radio) And Cry Cry second and Lovey Dovey first xD
  14. Those look like new photos from Cry Cry. or maybe bcos I haven't view other photos from Cry Cry? I didn't see those photos on my Black Eyes album TT______TT
  15. CCM's new girl group? Fyeah I'm so excited to see them! So happy for this but I think Qri should turns down the offer. I don't want to see her get bash like Jiyeon got after just a little mistake(by doing 'UNPROFFESIONAL FACE WTF')
  16. WOW! Those netizens are veryyyyy lucky to see the girls singing in front of the public! @______@ Cmon netizens,let's give T-ara chance to win! They deserve that!
  17. Hehe our charismatic vocalist there! She's damn pretty. Before this,I really hope these two to marry in WGM show.. instead of that pervert Jangwoo
  18. I'm agree with wan11 ! Qri should be in the list! And Jiyeon is prettier than Jessica. Seriously :x Sorry Sones, but I really sure that this is poll not 'the chosen one' xD And I feel so pity for Hyoyeon She should be in the list too. At least the 30th place is okay.
  19. The best part is...she beats Yoona! Yoona is always be the pretty girl in Korea.. but now , it's our baby Jiyeon time!
  20. She looks like she's tired. Deep in her eyes~ LOL But she is cheerful as always yay for ej ej!
  21. Woahaha baby dino Jiji She's so pretty and cute there *O* Thanks for posting~ kkk
  22. NO KISS SCENE WITH JANG WOO OR ANYONE PLEASE~ " Jangwoo will make me hate him more..even moreeeee And i feel pity for the girls.. No rest. ._.
  23. Thanks for the video! Our baby Rambo does really looks soooooooo cute there Thanks for sharing ^___^
  24. No wonder I can't see pictures just now. It is because of the broken Gallery. ah.. Mark.. please help ussss... O_O
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