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  1. i don't get why they must close down?? There're still many of us support T-ara a little dissapoint with those so-called QUEEN's hope the best for T-ARA Diadem FTW !!!
  2. i'll still forever support T-ARA. i just don't get CCM at all TT TT Hwayoung, i really like u too. Wish you best of luck ^^
  3. Yeahhh >< i can't wait for sexy love listening to it on Star life theater, i've already expect a lot but why the comeback is so rush - right after DBD promotion end *sob* Hope the girl not overwork T___________T T-ara fighting !!!
  4. thank you so much for uploading :X omg i'll never forget those 7-ara moments T_____T Fighting T-ara us QUEEN'S will always stand by u :*** *cry with them * seeing them crying touch my heart ><
  5. oh my god XD~ look at RAMBO push push ))) she 's damn cute >< why not let her go on variety show T^T I LOVE U RAMBO lol t-ara is multitalented
  6. oh my god she's soooooo cute xD how was the interview??? wonder what they ask her there ??? )) oh my love Rambo so much :X stay healthy unni
  7. OH MY GOD !!! worst news i've ever saw TT.TT Oh my rambbobbo T-ARA is not The Same w/o u T.T *crying* please get well soon. Rest more unil u get better unni! I'm TOO TIRED of blaming KKS now >0< please Kim KwangSoo, Please, if you are still a humanbeing, care for my girl and STOP overwork them !!! *praying for my Rambo's health* TT^TT
  8. wow no4 xD yayaya is reaching to the top! T-ARA yayaya did a great job !!! Not bad after BPBP huh? XD
  9. Time PLEASEEE fly faster xP AW MAN i cant wait to see the look in ur eyes gurlsss xD
  10. oh where is Lovey Dovey? There s even a teaser out there x) n i dont see it anywhere here? So it ll be a different concept, way different fr Black eyes?? GOSH CCM DO KNOW HOW TO MAKE FANS' HEARTS BEAT FASTER BECAUSE OF CURIOUSITY XD
  11. awww! love the teaser cant wait !!! oh i thought the concept for Lovey Dovey gonna be way different (though im in love with this one ) so this will be the same???
  12. Finally finally finally its Boram's time to shine xD 21/10 was my bday so seeing this topic... Was like a present xD so so happy. Please let her shine more!
  13. LOVELY XD that bag looks like chicken?! Right?? OH AND WHERE IS MY RAMBO?? T.T
  14. me tooo!! XD probably Soyeon. Oh my god, be careful Rambo :x ill kidnap u if u too concentrate on da phone like that xD (together wt being so cute)
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