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  1. thats a proof that they are onthe top right now, but because so-damn-KKS the hell!! they got cut from everything! argh, wanna throw the CEO to hell
  2. things get worst every hour.. breaking my heart so much just... speechless to read every news about them. wondering what r they thinking right now? why.. it;s all become disaster suddenly, when i really love Day By Day and waiting for sexy love hwaiting T-ara... hope u can reflects..
  3. my heart breaking so much reading this news. i wanna cry.. why... why must T-ara.. why they became like this.. stupid KKS CEO! :'(
  4. dont know what to say... i really hate it!!! only contiune support T-ARA if no replace the member!! i dont know how to accept those 2 new member ( i am really speechless, almost cry, i love T-ara for 7 member. well, this remind me when zhoumi and henry gonna join Super Junior..
  5. aaaah she's tooo beautiful, really uri jiyeon, cant express in words >_<
  6. i cant wait how the story finish,. they must be together in MV cant wait lovey-dovey release T-ara fightingg
  7. boraam, is she supposed to be that cutee? so lovely! her tied hair match her so well >< wats wrong with eunjung hair xD kkeke
  8. boram is so cute as always thanks for sharing this t-ara fightingg!
  9. wow.. uri jiyeon is cute here..! when hyuk put the stetoscope on her.. her expression is so cute.. hahahaaa t-ara
  10. soyeon looks pretty in these pics.. hmmm uri boraaam... >.< T-ara is the BEST..!! t-ara jjang..!! <3
  11. WHOOOOAA!!!!!!! hyomin is soooo COOL... DAEBAAAK b ^o^ d
  12. why i just can see 4 pictures? so pooor me... but jiyeol looks so pretty.. kkekee.. love her in this ads.. T-ara jjang..!!! T-ara
  13. what do u mean? was it just sold to 10,000 person?
  14. they're so cute...!! neomu kyeopta...!! with their fox ears bands.. ^^ wanna have it cingu.. T-ara jjang !!
  15. their hairstyle is soo sooooooo.... kyaaa~ looks soo pretty and georgeous..!! love them..!! T-ara jjang..!!
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