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  1. Eunjung always looks like this when she's taken pics by chance. Sleeping worm, haha
  2. Yep, 4 hours needed, lolz At first time of T-ara @ this show, I can't stand the way that man talked about the girls. Though it's a good way to promote for their debut, but it sounds horrible. ><
  3. Oh, poor them. So this' why there's a fancam that Jiyeon and Hwayoung left after taking photo before the film showing. But, first time I've seen a horror film which has 18+ restriction. Some Hollywood films are just 15+ I also wonder why Jiyeon is dissappointed? She always shows she's scared of ghost. But still excited to see, lol.
  4. Hey, I don't think this concept is bad. It's awesome while colorful and sexy outfits become popular with other girlgroups. This difference helps make it outstanding, keke. Though sometimes, it somehow doesn't fit their sexy dance. eg, anyone see T-ara danced " Why are you like this?" with retro outfits, it's lol
  5. Yep, he doesnt look like Jiyeon any more, and not good-looking also. Just use her name to be well-known >.<
  6. I dont like the way the interviewer asks Hyomin. Seem like he doesn't like her and try to make difficulties for her -.- But, for Hyomin's forthcoming film, really hwaiting! Hyomin jiang! Since I know T-ara I somehow have enough braveness to watch horror films even when I'm just alone. Lol, maybe there's a thought that it's just the girls in T-ara playing role, not ghost, so nothig to be terrified, haha.
  7. Why only Indo workers??? Are there so many Indo workers at South Korea?
  8. Eunjung always sleeps like that ^^ They look so tired, poor them. These pics look cute, but I think it's a bit cruel to take pics even when they're sleeping, they do not have any privacy.
  9. Thanks for sharing! Did T-ara's Korean fanclub hold something before fansign? I've seen it on Youtube, just like a celebration for some minutes.
  10. Wow!!! It's very hard to find any merchandise of T-ara in my country, hic >_<
  11. Jiyeon in this show, as usual, doesn't say much. She's just there and smiles, sometimes, burst into laughter, but kills many people, lol. Angel
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