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  1. FOUND YOU QRIDOESNTCARE ='D what an achievement <3

    1. qridoesntcare


      Wtf I didn't even know this was here~

    2. eunjungbias


      HAHAHA took awhile huh you don't check your profile regularly X'D

    3. qridoesntcare
  2. Eunjung took my blue shirt Rilakkuma on 2nd Oct 2012 in Malaysia and said ' Ah Kyeowo! ' to it. :)

  3. wow oppa gangnam beat! - forever highing for only....T-ARA


  5. kiss me baby just you can take me day by day, whisper that you love me <3

  6. 7-ARA. FOR LIFE. :D Hahm EunJung ....i worship her LOL

  7. 가슴이 되려 나를 다그치고 말했어 세상에 하나뿐인 널 잃지는 말랬어

  8. leaving fandom for......a long time.

  9. alright i'll write an eunji for you then, R is okay or you want a pg-13 haha i like eunri usually so i'll write an eunji for ya. gimme 3 days!

  10. AWW THANKS SO MUCH. <3 will write more soon. whats your fave OTP? :)

  11. sorry ya! i'll get to it once i've the time!!

  12. OH FFFF.....i just remembered O_O die. someone's gonna kill me. i've been super busy lately cos i'm working >______________> die.

  13. yep i did! i had some one i felt like i had to avoid already. oh well. not that i wanted to. but i'm always here and you can find me at tumblr and FB as well !

  14. hehe thanks for supporting my friend's fic too! :) hehe

  15. haha yeah thats why. oh imkeiko just updated her don't forget you're mine fic, go read it! i promise you you need to prepare tissues to cry . really. it's very touching.

  16. haha i don't frequent the SB at all cos i think some people talk crap there and it pissed me off the last time i talked there :C

  17. YESH lol the guy was like ...going bonkers haha cos no one wanted to trade with him haha

  18. laughing like *sh!t i meant. aish TD is so conservative with vulgarities nowadays cos of underage kids T_T

  19. LOLOL the whole mac was shaking cos the 7 of us including me who went were so bersak and laughing like xxxx with each other, one guy getting 3 hwayoung photocards at ONE SHOT. LOL

  20. yeah it's quite a lot of people haha like...if counted properly 10? yep :D

  21. hey oppa SORRY been kinda busy for a while what was your first idea for the first chapter again?!? i forgot sorry oppa heh :<

  22. people to hang out with, trust me a whole bunch of t-ara enthusiasts in a Mac turns the whole place UPSIDE DOWN XD esp when we opened the albums together to see whose photocards we got. haha u should join us next time, lovey dovey album!

  23. hehe i bought all already :P i'll show you my collection on e day on twitter ;) yeap in the midst of stalking them i managed to make a few friends ya know, which now, are extremely extremely close friends to me. and i treasure friends like these cos we can spazz bout t-ara together and yet still click well in daily life :') even the people in the SG thread? they are REALLY nice and awes...

  24. haha GOOD! i stalked them till crazy during heal the world concert haha it was so worth it :P tell ya bout my experience you'll get jealous keke. lucky they didnt come for MAMA! else the hole in my pocket would be uber huge . YEPYEP me too, no kachings sigh :( did you buy all of their albums?

  25. haha that's great, oh so i guess i should see you at...the next t-ara event in singapore right? :)

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