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  1. wow was so close to tearing up, i am really glad i saw and supported t-ara through their good and bad times, for a fandom and the idols to have survive the harsh seas till now, we as fans can only be more grateful than ever that our precious girls have grown into such mature adults, from the very first song they release till now....fighting so hard to stay in the idol world. Congrats T-ara, wishing you guys many many manyyyyyyyyyyyyy more years of music and lessons to teach from the best girl group in Korea
  2. Hi may i know if there is only this confirmation screenshot we intl fans have to submit or is there another confirmation. the instructions on the website say there is another confirmation form that states we have to give our YES24 ID / Booking username / Booking Number / Contact / real FANCLUB Username] ???? so for intl its only 1 confirmation form we submit right
  3. if we already had membership since last year we don't have to apply again right? sorry just asking thanks!
  4. now.. where do we buy this instyle magazine *-* Hyomin what way have you found that allows you to reveal your true sincere feelings...?!
  5. overrated piece of shyt of a company. T-ara hasn't had a break. yet. still. i doubt they'll be celebrating xmas again. probably in the studio practicing for their korean comeback. Do ya best girls. we queen's all over the world, whether in Singapore, in Japan or anywhere else will have our hearts with you while you perform. Hwaiting
  6. HAHAHA why does eunjung keep changing her fav t-ara song when asked. it was i go crazy because of you last time now its Like the first time LOL HOKAY. ah...im glad that jungie wants someone simple and affectionate. just like herself. and of course we need to make full assurance that your future boyfriend will protect you. thats at the top of the list for eunjung cos she's always injuring herself ;-; Hyomin....anything sexy fits and of cos like in LTFT she looked so adorable and sexy there ))
  7. Yes, eunjung has a good heart to want to forget this issue, i'm glad because it'll also affect her and t-ara's reputation in one way or another but NEVERTHELESS....very glad KEMA and KBAU is actually stepping up and doing their thing to protect the rights of Korean actors! good job!
  8. RIP jihyun's hal-abeoji please stay strong qri :< stsay strong, queens are mourning with you :<
  9. FOUND YOU QRIDOESNTCARE ='D what an achievement <3

    1. qridoesntcare


      Wtf I didn't even know this was here~

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      HAHAHA took awhile huh you don't check your profile regularly X'D

    3. qridoesntcare
  10. Eunjung took my blue shirt Rilakkuma on 2nd Oct 2012 in Malaysia and said ' Ah Kyeowo! ' to it. :)

  11. About time I heard this news! Since ccm won't do a s*it about it guess that eunjung is real smart enough to take legal action for her own since she was threatened to leave the drama. ALL HAIL EUNJUNG! they can't compensate for the emotional damage done to her ere but they definitely will pay the price for their childish actions.
  12. the return of the QUEENS. :') bravo t-ara. work hard all the way
  13. little t-ara sounds damn cute only jahaha. have an awesome comeback t-ara, queens' round the world have faith in you! all the best T-ARA!
  14. AW YAY...ANOTHER PERSON IS STANDING UP FOR THEM can't help but feel really happy for them. T-ara still has supporters and others in the entertainment industry that are willing to take their side in this whole controversy. T-ARA 화이팅 !
  15. wow oppa gangnam beat! - forever highing for only....T-ARA

  16. Very good. awesome. The fact that she gets to rest is just the basic she should rest after being injured it just wouldn't make anymore sense that she'll have the strength nor mood to continue filming now.
  17. She looks tired. Under that thick facade. BUT YES STILL LOOKING OKAY /cross fingers and prays for t-ara/
  18. Shut up soyeon shut up I know you are strong willed but look at yourself you are in no condition to work now. STOP IT. take a rest please. I want yo to be strong but not in this way. >_<
  19. Soyeon! omg it's so scary. She's already so scared now and this has to happen. :'{
  20. good, about time for it to calm down. netizens just being silly by getting worked up over the nonsense rumors that don't even have solid proof.
  21. gwenchana....she will be back stronger than ever and you guys will share the same stage. Fighting Wooramie and d-unit~

  23. He's not doing much to ease the severity of the situation. Sigh. What he needs to do is hold a press conference with T-ara and hwayoung. Explain everything. Not drag it on for so long otherwise...there will really be nothing left to salvage.
  24. Praying things will be fine. Just want them to be safe. Although things don't seem to be looking up now but....keeping the faith >____< At least the halt in activities will do the members some good cos they really need to settle all this closed door first before going out in public don't want people to start bashing them physically..
  25. Too late. Wait until the parents come and talk to KKS then you take legal action? too late.
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