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  1. you just ruined a 19 year old's dreams. you've just ruined her life. her entire life she'll be scared now.
  2. that's our hyomin. That awesome, that humble, that unique, that serious as an idol, and yet so adorable at the same time.
  3. i kinda hated it so much when i heard Eunjung commenting about the addition of members issue in star life theater, when she was initially( whether or not now it is still the case, behind the public, i don't know ) against the addition of members and she questioned the company " why? Are we(7-ARA) not good enough? " and what she said later on was " oh ..after the addition i came to realize,oh, the new members might actually help T-ara " it takes me a lot of heart to want to believe that whatever she says is not what CCM forces the girls to say, because to be very very honest....this change is really the biggest change that T-ara is painstakingly going through. Although they seem so bright on the outside about the whole issue, we Queen's can tell whether or not 7-ara are taking sides or just being backed into a corner without choice because another opinion from them would leave them WITHOUT A CAREER. how ruthless is that. can't help but feel so ...*sigh* by the huge changes that they themselves and also the pure Queen's that have stuck with them from the very beginning, have to go through. Closing one eye to, and accepting the facts.
  4. yeah, because of everything, her hardwork her passion for it as well as starting out from young as a child actress, truthfully speaking music and acting never will leave eunjung sshi love that she is getting so much attention from fans all around the world ! Eunjung saranghae !!! please continue to work hard as a T-ara member and as an actor, you know QUEEN's are always always behind you all the way okay? ^^ ILOVEYOU!
  5. kiss me baby just you can take me day by day, whisper that you love me <3

  7. *cross fingers and pray hard* LET'S HOPE THE CHOREO IS REALLY GOOD. ;~; i have faith in t-ara but not sure if i have that much faith in jonte moaning :S
  8. DAEBAK! my jung! woo hoo i hope she makes people laugh really well although she's already so humorous usually. woo hoo eunjung...and clazziquai project's horan! ^^ perfect hahaha
  10. the mv is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee beyond words can describe thank you 7-ara :')
  11. hahaha...as expected....slowly...all of them are going to act in some drama or something. JUNGIE!!! my darling. all the best if you're really acting and i'll continuously wish for your good health and safety as always, so .... HWAITING EUN JUNG!
  12. AHAHAHA. i know what are the real roles of areum and dani now. to cover up for the member who are busying focusing on their acting careers. once again, never trust what he(KKS) says, they are going to continue acting in 2012, maybe next year as well. i'm just glad for soyeon and hyomin but please girls, once again DO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! :} idol - actors are really difficult and tiring :<
  13. 7-ARA. FOR LIFE. :D Hahm EunJung ....i worship her LOL

  14. PFFT YA RIGHT "2012 is the year where t-ara stops acting. " ok, CCM spare us all the bullsh*t alright, you do it so often it's getting on our nerves. i hate having news and seeing pictures of the girls(7-ara only) looking SO tired with heavy eyebags and visiting the hospital every now and then, i'm sick of that sh*t. just give them some space to breathe will you. 3 consecutive albums in the next 6 months is also torturous for them in case you haven't realized. not that i'm pissed with hyomin getting more popularity, no i obviously want that but isn't their health still number 1 priority damn it.
  15. 가슴이 되려 나를 다그치고 말했어 세상에 하나뿐인 널 잃지는 말랬어

  16. crossing my fingers eunjung won't be too traumatized by this and still be strong enough to carry on(although she has to even if she can't, sadly) to the thief , i hope he/she burns in hell forever for doing such things, and also , to the management company for being SO STUPID as to allow their own artistes (not even their fat manager) to handle such a large sum of money , all on one person, not carefully thinking of consequences like this. hopefully the filming and photoshoot or whatever still can continue on smoothly. although TBH...i think they shouldn't have released this piece of news to the public, because it thoroughly reflects negatively on the already poor management of CCM, and also it'll effect eunjung and T-ara in a way. T-ARA, HWAITING.
  17. leaving fandom for......a long time.

  18. it's okay to be greedy if they can get so famous and so recognized EVERYWHERE and in the near future, EVERY PART OF THE WORLD will know t-ara and how talented this group is!
  19. about goddamn fcuking time kks. T_T you made us fans be nameless for so long, now t-ara wins.
  20. alright i'll write an eunji for you then, R is okay or you want a pg-13 haha i like eunri usually so i'll write an eunji for ya. gimme 3 days!

  21. AWW THANKS SO MUCH. <3 will write more soon. whats your fave OTP? :)

  22. sorry ya! i'll get to it once i've the time!!

  23. OH FFFF.....i just remembered O_O die. someone's gonna kill me. i've been super busy lately cos i'm working >______________> die.

  24. yep i did! i had some one i felt like i had to avoid already. oh well. not that i wanted to. but i'm always here and you can find me at tumblr and FB as well !

  25. hehe thanks for supporting my friend's fic too! :) hehe

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