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  1. no character, i mean style..anyway she's always gorgeous in anystyle! xD
  2. why i see her style like a blair waldrof in gossip girl?
  3. why i see her character like a blair waldrof in gossip girl?
  4. dyandian

    CAPTURE Dream High 2 -- 010

    her cuteness is overload!
  5. OMG she always gorgeous! i cant wait to watch her in DH2
  6. oh my gosh... jiyeon is too cute.. haha... how come she can be so cool at the stage and be cute too in a reality show?
  7. their dance rehearsal is always amazingg... heheh... i really like this song! bcause i never see the girls dancing so happily and crazyy like this.. hahaha
  8. oh my gosh....she really really GORGEOUS! thanks! i really love these photos and the size! kkkkk.... she looks amazinggg!
  9. hyomin is looking great, her airport fashion is awesome... and jiyeon....what can i say...she's totally pretty! she always looks calm and cool...
  10. wooo....thx for sharing the photos hope the girls will doing great in japan... t-ara jjang!
  11. this pic is awesome! love love love so mucho
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