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  1. they should have made this into a real drama omg they look like a co0l ! yo
  2. she look just like her inside dream high 2 pretty/has the beauty to own
  3. fresh n clean looks so adorable wish i wass in that photo frame hehe
  4. she has the look that make u wanna keep looking at her. duno what attract me on her omg just wanna keep seeing her
  5. haha watched till ep 15 1 more ep to catch ji yeon inside is like pretty totaly like her character
  6. i wan that kISS i wan that hug from her tooo!!! ARGH!@#
  7. ah i wan to go hehe ji yeon is still as cute as she it :_)
  8. wa dam sexy Qri make me jjust wanna keep looking at her omg
  9. cute n prettty hahah hyo min jacket like abit too long haha still i like it:)))
  10. watched le she is dam pretty has the attitude inside that i like omg omgomg~
  11. wow dam gorgeous sia why she's onli abit inside dream high 2
  12. just like they were fliming dream high haha! just as pretty
  13. ARHh sexy for the max ji yeon looks liek she goona me up aigoo cuteeeeee
  14. where is my ji yeon </3 nvr see her!! but still hwa young gt a different attractive look
  15. success sia korean japan next SINGAPORE! cannot be singapore too small (((
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