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  1. i noted that boram get a lot of line (not that i'm complaining) but i also see that soyeon line is being lesser. Both are my bias, i'm in dilemma.
  2. do any one know when is t-ara flight to Malaysia? When will she arrive?
  3. why there is no eunjung in this MV??! Everybody else got solo shot except eun jung
  4. I'm not sure whether i'm happy or sad with this news. However, no matter what, i still love t-ara and will always support them.
  5. Already watch the video. T-ara deabak!! I like because everyone have line even boram and qri. I love t-ara!!
  6. So sad they dont get triple crown on music bank... huhuhu :(
  7. owh i already watch it. Poor Hwa Young!! Somehow i think cameraman focus more on her today . Be Strong Hwa Young!! we always by your side!!
  8. somehow i'm kind of happy whenever jiyeon/eunjung not there (sorry to jiyeon/eunjung fan) becoz i will be able to see boram and qri have more line. huhu..
  9. i already noted this on their performance at singapore recently... maybe i'll try to find the picture
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