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  1. I'm glad and if she does return to the biz i hope she has nothing to do with ccm
  2. oh god please no ryu twins stay away from the evil that is known as KKS and his people
  3. They deserve it roly poly was one of the best songs of the year so far i can't wait to see how there japanese bo peep pv looks like
  4. That bunny that jiyeon is holding is adorable, i want an iswas bunny now, i wonder what the little tag thingy says?
  5. lol nerds they wanted to feel how it felt to shoot a scary movie i don't know why but this pic just cracked me up
  6. I'm looking forward to watching both movies I seriously hope someone comes out with English subtitles for both of the movies,Excited
  7. Haha i seriously want to watch that episode already, oh well i'll just have to wait i more week. I really bad want to see jangwoo reaction
  8. Thank you your profile pic is cute 2 ^_^

  9. Wow!! T-ara is making cash i'm happy for them, i hope each member get's a fare share ,like eunjung said they do divide the money they make in cf's and whoever actually does the cf gets the most money
  10. thank you for your nice message ^_^

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