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  1. My goddess! She is amazing in this shot ㅜ.ㅜ
  2. Omg!! They are gorgeous!! Soyeon ;3; ♡♡ I loved this concept
  3. They were amazing in both performances! Thank u so much for these pics
  4. Jiyeon is so pretty and sexy here! Cant wait for her solo debut
  5. OMG I want it all D: they are so pretty ;-; Thank u so much
  6. Thank u so much They are so pretty Why Hyomin and Soyeon have only one pic? T__T
  7. [Trans] @sohotmelody Lets us all stay happy together...Yup! Credits for eng trans: myt-ara
  8. I love their new hairstyles ;-; Jiyeon is so pretty with blonde hair o.o Cant wait ><
  9. OMG she's so pretty here ;-; Thank u so much for sharing~
  10. I'd like them in HQ ;-; beacuse they are so pretty thank u so much for sharing :3
  11. OMG they are so pretty here >< Thank u so much for sharing them :3
  12. I loved their clothes :3 Thank u so much for sharing all these pics They are so pretty ;-;
  13. hi....i like your profile pic...can you give me link for that pic....i soyeon seungho shipper thank u

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