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  1. i dont like this at all its really good just to have 7 awesome girls in a group but its one thing that kinda makes me mad and that is that they want to bring along to more girls so they can "help" soyeon unnie with the her singing burden (because she does sing the most) why dont they just give the other girls of the group more singing lines instead? they are SINGERS too and pretty good singers !! its really not fair at all but im gona give the two new girls a chance to be the new t-ara members but for now all i can say that iam not happy
  2. she really looks young and she looks really serious and the character that she is playing fits her perfect i like it
  3. i just got t-ara first japanese single now !!! version b ofcourse and i love it and got soyeon photocard yay

  4. yes finally its friday soon :)

  5. i cant wait for to hear the song they are gona sing when t-aras comeback in korea comes i know that it will be a great song (come on when have you heard a bad t-ara song?.... thats right never!!) so yeah i cant wait for the big comeback t-ara fighting!!!
  6. yes yes yes!! i cant wait to hear the japanese version of this single !! i will be waiting for the full information about this t-ara fighting!!
  7. im sick no school for me today :/

  8. the cf is actually really funny to watch and the girls looks cute as backgrund dancers
  9. i really like the makeup of hyomin unnie in that pic i get the disco feeling with that make up and she looks really beautiful!!
  10. i always knew that the girls will do well in japan and there is the proof of that iam so proud of them and i hope that they only will get better and better for each day that will come: t-ara fighting!!
  11. Wow thats really good news to hear all girls have to be really happy now yay:) its good to hear that japan loves the girls like they do in korea t-ara fighting!!!
  12. wow the girls looks so elegant in these pictures thank you for sharing them its really pretty:)
  13. t-ara comeback is soon here :)!

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