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  1. Week ? 130 for HKT48, 18.80 for SE7EN... It's little, no ? But I'm happy for girls
  2. I don't agree with you. I don't see how the clothing for SL was cheap. In addition, during Bo Peep Bo Peep, it was the same kind of clothes with chat but nobody said anything. And do not forget that this is a promotion in Japan. Day by day ? The concept was bland and simple clothes, nothing special for me.
  3. http://youtu.be/levqYK-uf84 Cr: tarajwelrybox @ YT
  4. Cr: CCM World + T-ara Fansub The english version was made by a very nice korean who has 14 y.o, so please, stay nice with her ! It's her first translation Thank you~!
  5. Thank you for sharing T-ara are so beautiful and EunJung so lovely *__*
  6. Their popularity is growing again and again ! We will see beautiful photos with our T-ara: D
  7. Wahou.. Qri and Jiyeon are so beautiful EunJung - I love you Thank's for sharing !
  8. Girls are so beautiful ! Jiyeon, EunJung.. *__* It's true, Jiyeon is more mature. I want listen the Hwayoung rap's ^^
  9. No problem, people are just jealous: p I think this song will be superb in Japanese !
  10. LOL Eunjung is largely able to sing this part
  11. EunJung voice's is amazing ! *__* I can't wait for this MV.
  12. Eunjung should to rest more :/ but I'm glad to see her ! T-ara Fighting
  13. It's so cool ! It's really nice: D I want to go...
  14. Jiyeon is cute even with dirty hair xD I like her coat ^^ Dream High tonight
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