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  1. oh my oh my oh my yeaaaaaahhh can't wait of course finnaly I can see Jiyeon's acting again
  2. wah thank you I really want play this game, at first I don't understand how to play but I can finish all of the task qri is the hardest one but it's fun, I hope there a more games and jiyeon as the player, I love the BG music at the start and the end of the game thank you all of you are the best keep fighting
  3. mapril

    [13.10.15] T-ara,

    T-ara fighting My heart was shaking when I read about their answer to the question they're really great and the best for someone who had a really bad time I'm never regretting for standing still behind T-ara to be the Queen's even when that time I believe time will change and make them be better than before... T-ara Fighting I'm still loving you and always love you .....
  4. oh~ can't wait to see her solo career, Areum Fighting as Queen's I'm always supporting you like I'm Supporting T-ara
  5. usual fans maybe will angry if they knew their idols have bf or gf but I'm really happy to hear that soyeon has been dating for about 3 years wah long time right? hahahaha happy for soyeon and happy for T-ara's comeback
  6. I read this article, I don't know but I really want to cry, It's just me? it's strange? uwah I really so proud that I don't leave T-ara that day because I still believe to T-ara and still wait until someone saw that all the rumored wasn't true and I believe T-ara will move on with us 'Queen's' and someone see it and write this great article about T-ara
  7. aaaaahhhh eunjung with ju ji hoon oppa uwah they're really shining I wish I can watch their Perform
  8. o my god finally they came out I hope this is the end of all the controversy and I hope T-ara can move like a wind with us Queen's to be better and receive again love from everyone
  9. congratulation GIrls. I really want to go there waiting for the download link
  10. thank you for sharing, I really want to watch how Jiyeon and IU are close friend
  11. the best leader ever Soyeon she smart, very kind and charming I love her she's very professional too on the stage or in the TV program
  12. waaaah I'm so excited I can't explain it with the words because its long time I'm not see Jiyeon in korea Variety show
  13. I watched it already, I found it but its just 11m this is more than 11m so I will watch it certainly
  14. wow can't wait for their MV they have their own vehicle so cool I want to ride Jiyeon's car
  15. colorfull hair T-ara are shaking Japan Now aahh so envy with Queens Japan
  16. waah their transformation make me shock but they're really gorgeous aahhh I can't wait for their new MV 'Day by Day' I'll be wait patiently
  17. waaah cyclone you're the best thank you so much I really want scan from t-ara photobook anyway thanks for this one
  18. ohhh T-ara make this magazine looks more shining all of them look gorgeous
  19. hahahaha CCM always takes member from people who audition from other companies
  20. isn't she too perfect? both of them are so good but it would be better if they create a new girl group and for visual jiyeon more perfect
  21. after I read this news my heart beat so fast because I can't wait for 20-minutes MV from T-ara aagghh what's wrong with me I'm really Excited about this one T-ara always make my mood change easily
  22. she look like suly f(x) aaahhh stress why t-ara must add 2 new members I think 7 was perfect
  23. wah and with tutorial? thanks guys you're the best I can't wait for join to T-ara Daum Fancafe
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