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  1. They look great togethe rI hope she has a good time filming and that the show turns out to be amazing.
  2. Awwww I wish there wasn't a need for a translator. It's gonna take that much longer to get over the awkwardness.
  3. I like it but I guess they didn't think about the 2nd MV when they cast SeungWon because he really doesn't fit with the lyrics to lovey Dovey. Maybe if they had cast a young cutie like song JoongKi. Father killer turned Oppa/partner. Maybe even if his father killed her father (for some reason in kdramas that still brings on the hate). Then they grew up in an orphanage together. In fact their fathers killed each other..... They became runaways and self made assassins. Then the truth comes out and they turn on each other, only to spy each other in a club one day unable to deny their attraction the Lovey Dovey Dovey ensues (with accompnying bed/kiss scene) and all is well. Oh my mind is filled with lovely images now Oh yeah but otherwise I love Jiyeons acting in Lovey Dovey unfortunately she and EunJung really stole the lead roles in the MV. I wish Qri was doing more than just putting on the mean face.
  4. I love most of the Roly Poly outfits although I can totally see who got first pick at the good ones.
  5. yes hopefully that means more high quality MV's and outfits for future promotions CCM is stepping up/.
  6. thanks I hope the next hello baby is like family style with girl and boy groups together raising a few kids. Awww I hope for too much... maybe our Campus Couple can have a kid for a while.
  7. Good luck HyoMin Scary T-Ara fighting. I hope they bring horror into one of their concepts next because they pull it off so well.
  8. Congrats on 24,000. Wow the forum is growing so quickly. I hope the girls do log in and see.
  9. So cute. JiYeon lovely as usual. All the girls look so cute here. I hope that they get better pcs next time though
  10. I hope the pictures aren't PSed to death this time. The girls are already so lovely why mess with natural beauty so much.
  11. These are so cute... brb trading my ipod for a iriver RN
  12. I never say thank you but I really do wind up using a bunch of these for my slideshow/BG so... THANK YOU
  13. wow you got to be so close and it sounds like you had a great time. I hope you got to meet them again later on too.
  14. so cute. every time I see these exclusive events it so makes me wish I decided to go and live in Seoul.
  15. Ha JiWon really... that's an awesome goal. Reach for the stars.
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