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  1. Wooooo I'm excited, I never thought to see again only 6 members. now more than ever leaneth to hyomin, Eunjung, jiyeon, boram, soyeon and qri.
  2. i love the natural girl look i'm happy see hwa young 7-ARA
  3. I love this concept, the pitures ♥♥ Eunjung look perfect and soyeon with long hair love it T-ara Fighting
  4. I can't wait for this comeback of t-ara really really like cry cry and i hope WIN the first Week ♥♥
  5. Oooooo Mmmmm Gggggggg!! I'm SO excited The new concept is absolute different ♥ Eunjung & Hyomin look bang bang wooooo Qri oppa
  6. I really like this photos, Hyomin look lovely ♥ Eunjung natural ♥Qry Pretty
  7. T-ara members look amazing!! the Nongshim Ramen website is better of oficial website!! and i wanna eat Ramyeon
  8. OM*T Love the covers!! Hyomin Qri & Eunjung look so hot!!! ok ok!! all the girls!!! i want buy the 3 version!!
  9. all the girls look amazing!! ♥qri ♥hymin I want this magazine
  10. All girls look pretty!! ♥ Hyomin ♥Eunjung ♥Qri and i like this concept ♪disco town ... roly poly roly roly poly ♥
  11. I think this version was good!! I can't wait !! love roly poly!! i like the name "Roly-Poly In Copacabana" T-ara Love
  12. All girls look pretty!! ♥Hyomin ♥Qri!! And this version was really good!! i can't wait!!
  13. I do not think the concept of T-ARA has resemblance to the Wonder Girls is totally, this is RETRO Korea
  14. Oh no!! i want the first part!! Now. TTTTTTTT__________TTTTTTTT
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