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  1. jiyeon look so pure n beauty.... omo....i love her expression face.. cute but sexy
  2. thats so great... i hope i can meet them too... plz come to my country T ara.. so mauch diadem waiting for you here..
  3. thats big hit... even she just as a guest she can appear thats enough i love jiyoen skill...
  4. so 5doll is Tara hoobe?? and i think they always have nice outfit they stylist have great eyes to make them pretty
  5. that doesnt matter if they 8 year apart.. they have great voice which can give best song
  6. all t ara member great at acting... hyomin has show his best acting in my girl friend is gumiho and she can cast again in horror movie.... congratz!!!
  7. i like she now... she show pure look in variety show.. and now she can be success too...
  8. hahaha... they want make skinship... i think that day will come true...coz jangwoo nim is attractif guy.. who can make girl fall for him
  9. jongwoo nim so cute.. ofcourse he be jealous...coz i think he really like enjeung.... i like this couple...
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