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  1. Wow, that's really awesome ^^ I hope they get to keep most of the profit!!
  2. OMG! 23 million views so insanely high They deserve this! Next MV, try to get 30 million hehe T-ara, hwaiting!
  3. 10,000 limited edition copies =O They should make more copies Some fans will miss out I hope to get a copy ^^
  4. I prefer the original Roly Poly over the new one. All these repackages are confusing me :S
  5. oooh..I can't wait for this All their songs are so catchy and awesome ^^ T-ara Fighting~
  6. Hyomin, please take care of your health Get plenty of rest when you can Stay strong, fighting~
  7. Hyomin is very talented, she can do it! Noona, do your best, fighting~!
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