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  1. ... Don't really fan of two long MVs in row (roly poly then this song) they should spread it more out.
  2. Meh really want roly-poly japanese, but I think yayaya suits their more for their jp promotion cause it's more like bo peep bo peep....
  3. Well fighting scene is it so easy to see who's good or not, can't wait!
  4. Really want to watch this dram, She's really decent at acting
  5. PJY is so cute and adorable xDDD she so talented for her age...
  6. haha.. he's jealous i like this couple.. they look cute together !!
  7. omg so much :D:D but well deserved they work so hard eunjung hwaiting
  8. T-ara sure loves Horror movies..... Hyomin Fighting!!! thank you for translate t-ara Fighting!
  9. luckily she joins T-ara Soyeon Fighting!!! thank you for translate t-ara Fighting!
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