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  1. hyomin looks so cute in all pictures haha Horomi yeah that name is suit with her
  2. they all are look so cute and pretty can't wait their new MV tiara hwaiting the new concept is amazing
  3. why hyomin is the leader? what happen to boram? anyway i think leader should be eunjung anyway hyomin fighting
  4. Jiyeon is the tallest and i think Eunjung is 2nd tallest in Tara the girls look cute
  5. who are they? anyway can't wait for their music video tiara hwaiting
  6. the first photo of eunjung looks so scare 2nd photo is so cute
  7. eunjung so pretty kim soo hyun handsome but i think her is more match with suzy
  8. they all have twitter too my SJ oppas have twitter too a lot of kpop artists use twitter
  9. wow eunjung also pretty with like that suit eunjung unnie hwaiting
  10. Jiyeon so pretty in my eyes these days she is so pretty now i like her the most
  11. oh all are so pretty my jiyeon so pretty eunjung pretty they're suit with glasses
  12. she is so pretty i wonder why she quit from snsd? but it's good if she will be one of snsd member i will hate her but now it's good
  13. oh my 2 favourite members they're so cute and pretty jiyeon so cute really maknae
  14. eunjung and jangwoo match couple they're very close each other they're my 2nd favorite couple my 1st favorite couple is khuntoria
  15. eunjung so cute i wonder how will be her husband see his wife photo like that?
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