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  1. I so agree with you.This is exactly how i would like things to happen.
  2. i didn't understand what they were saying..but remembering all those wrong/bad things people said/saying about them... tsk.tsk...i wonder how people can live their lives hurting or hating others.what satisfaction do they get from it.. Promote What You Love Not Bash What You Hate.
  3. Drowsy Eunjung still cute as ever..and sexy abs Hyomin..WIN
  4. waaah..i'd love to see hyomin do more musical..love her voice..eargasm..
  5. Hmnn.ill be so looking forward to this. I prefer a little hiphop better than all-girly concept. Like Eunjimin's choo choo train.they looked cute and youthful.
  6. these is hi.la.rious. i was trying to hold back my laughter..but just couldnt. ugh hyomin-ah.
  7. wohow..i love the explanation part.. they better be deeply sorry.. hope KEMA will pursue the case.. and let those "Destroy T-ara Bandwagon" get punished..bwahahaha..
  8. well..good news to end 2012..despite all that happened..It's still undeniable that T-ara is one of the bests. I know T-ara will have a wonderful year ahead.
  9. yeahhhh.. the remix far better than last time..and whole lot hotter performance.. Gosh..i loooove it..
  10. IMO They could have been the best artist of 2012...They even surpassed psy on album sales..If only.. Don't know if I'm being biased here..cause I only have interest in T-ara.
  11. well..eunjung will always be eunjung.. although it's best to just move on..still it sucks if they will just let production team off the hook..
  12. hmmn..interesting..I think I'm gonna like this drama..hyoyoung (hwayoung face).. tough girl..
  13. This would probably be the most logical and sanely stated comment I've ever read about the scandal.Salute~!
  14. tsk. that's why i don't give a damn that much to these "Award Giving" events. I'm not sure where they actually base their results. but i still vote just for the sake of voting for T-ara (If I could, I would vote only for T-ara),
  15. i don't care what other people say..cause i know that most of those people have actually been waiting for whatever they've got to say.
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