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  1. Great news. Thanks. So glad all this drama is cleared up. Hopefully everything will work out better. Thanks again.
  2. hi. i remember you from 4minutes. i don't see you on there anymore :/

  3. ok R U HAPPY NOW

  4. YES! Gifs of my fave outfits! Now I can deck out my myspace profile with them! ^^ Thank you
  5. Thank you for sharing! I'm excited to hear news about their Japan activities!
  6. kaori.

    [10.02.28] T-ara

    So proud of them! I hope they get a break soon though! They work non-stop.
  7. YES! YOU GO GIRLS! I'm so proud of my T-ara girls! Their MVs are always so freaking popular, wow!
  8. I can't wait for more news! I want to see more and more T-NOVA!!
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