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  1. Omaya! i just got a mini heart attact ! lol but if a ghost looks that good than wouldnt if be unfair for human? kekkeeke
  2. how can they always get to look awesome in pictures?? i need picture taking class from them kekekekeke
  3. thins girl is just so lovable you cant help it but to love her she looks fresh in those pics
  4. wow this is like a totally different side of hyomin not complaining tho coz she looks excellent!
  5. even just walking down the street like that the two stood out from the rest talk about idol's aura kekekeke
  6. everyone just look soo great being a girl i just can help feeling just a wee bit jelly of them
  7. I just love hwayoung and hyoyoung! cool pic with Taewoonie's mom guys you guys look great
  8. is it just me or does she really look that amazing nope it's not just me she does look like a goddess
  9. im so loving those outfits on them! they are like living perfect dolls
  10. this is one of the things that i envy the most about the koreans their great skin! even if we use their product our country climate are tottaly diff
  11. i am soo loving the hair the eyes and that freakin cool hat! Qri unnie u looks pretty
  12. boram is just too cute with her apple styled hair and pink jumper hwayoung is just a true goddess
  13. she looks so cool! lucky her to get some experiences in historical drama she has the look for it too dont u agree
  14. OH MY SMURF it's KIM SOO HYUN!!! *drools* seriousli love this guy sooo much! the i love this two in their cf
  15. everyone just look soo pretty and i say everyone that includes Infinite's Sunjong!lol the boy's too pretty its ridiculous!
  16. this song concept is just too cute! and dressing t-ara like cats is just daebak!
  17. heyyy what happened to jiyeon? is she alright?? hope she's fine
  18. there is nothing dab that can be said about the pic it is PERFECT from every angle
  19. awww how sweet! they still keep in touch with each other spread the love people
  20. okay this is like uber cool!!! and hyomin is just pure gorgeous! and i think everyone agrees
  21. gah~!!! can anyone believe i havent even stated watching t-ara's hello baby! something is sooo wrong with me. i need to hurry and dl the show soon
  22. no surprise there~ hyomin's style is great. plus she looks good in almost anything(maybe everything)
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