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  1. what happened to eunjung was really not fair. but, eunjung still want to forget it as it do not happened before. she was such an angel :3
  2. the writer was true! we need true explanation from the agency. the more they denied it, the more people thinks the issue was true.
  3. oh this is crazy!! eunjung must be very shocked now. eunjung be strong! hwaiting!
  4. i was really shocked because of this new. i was waiting for eunjung to come out in the drama but this thing happens. it really doesn't matter if eunjung did it for herself but if there any people involved in this decision, i am against it!
  5. i'm crying when i read what jaemin wrote. i know eunjung is a very kind person and when the news of t-ara bullying hwayoung spread, i have make my decision to support eunjung whatever happens. stay strong eunjung unnie! we always love you!
  6. this is too sad. whatever it is, i will forever be a Queen
  7. they are punished for something that they do not do. hopefully this news can cheer up our eunjung!
  8. i am going crazy!! its like i'm gonna rip off other's mouth when they start to talk something bad about t-ara!!
  9. is that all KKS got?! he needs to take all the blame of what he did before. this is the consequence after his crazy action to add more members in t-ara!
  10. i'm really can't wait for RM104! i hope for more eunjung's screen time this time!!!
  11. sorry to say this, but i don't think i like her voice. she got a nice voice but maybe because her short time for training it looks like she can't handle her voice well. like others said, 'it sounds like she struggles to hit the high notes'. KKS need to put her in training so she will became better for the next time. i bet, she will become popular if KKS puts her in new group.
  12. another news about dani will make me sick! they try to promote dani but actually it only make her more bad. the way KKS scouted her is very unfair. other trainees fought their young life to be entertainers and she just easily jump into already popular group. i'm not putting the blame on her, but it really doesn't make sense.
  13. instead of dani. i prefer her a lot! at least, she matches with t-ara concept.
  14. ha. ha. ha. i don't see dani become hot or sexy in that picture. she still look like a kid
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