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  1. sometimes people need to chill out and stop having a xxxx over every single little thing kpop idols do, people are wayyy over sensitive these days
  2. why do they have to make it so difficult with a translator and everything? just do a chinese version without korean idols
  3. for some reason it sounds like its gonna suck and it feels like they 'sold' hyomin to china, idk if anyone know what i mean tho
  4. now almost half of t-ara has been in a horror movie, and ironically the maknae has the most experience
  5. thats really funny, i love it when girls do crazy and stupid stuff, its not just us guy who does stupid stuff you know
  6. i was really surprised when found out that she was doing so much even though she is the maknae of the group, but she is really good on variety shows and acting as well, so she isn't like some idols that ruins everything
  7. Soyeon is awesome as always but as i was watching the MV, the guy looks really creepy to me for some reason
  8. thats awesome, but i don't really like 5dolls that much, i like them together with the boys in Co-Ed, btw, that picture of Hyomin just kills me
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