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  1. really late, but i was just bored and remembered this existed. so i finally figured out how to get this working on Mac via Wineskin wrappers. don't know why i never bothered doing it earlier, but i'm glad it worked out fine haha. so far, i'm not seeing any problems with the game on Mac. really enjoying the game so far tho. it's fun and adorable :3
  2. omg i love that picture of them in the capsules. not digging the comics so much though, but them as robots looks sooo fun. can't wait til Sexy Love is released tomorrow
  3. /sigh... if Eunjung is not in this drama, i absolutely refuse to watch this drama. even if it has Joo Ji Hoon's return, i refuse. i waited all this time to see this drama all because of Eunjung, but there's no point in me watching it. i was gonna be so happy that Eunjung, Hyomin, and Soyeon were all going to be in dramas all at the same time, but guess now it just might be Hyomin and Soyeon. i really hope they didn't pull her. i was just about to watch it too >_<
  4. awww damn. i had downloaded the first two episodes of the show just for her. :< i waited all this time just for her return to the drama scene and see her amazing acting once again please Eunjung... i really hope she finds it in her to reconsider it... but either way, i will continue to wait for her until the day she decides to go back hope that day comes soon again
  5. i partly believe in KKS. most of it is lies, but i believe the girls of T-ara. if bullying is true, then there should be a legitimate reason for it. KKS needs to get CCM straightened out because it'll be hard to get back from this considering how much this event hurts the company, the girls, and the other groups in the company. i feel for Hwayoung and all, but this situation is getting out of hand and one should clarify the controversy completely because i don't see this going away for a long time at this rate. stay strong Hwayoung and T-ara!
  6. i want to see Eunjung be Jiyeon's instructor if possible i would be on a spazzing craze if the producers of DH2 could do me that little favor :3
  7. their dream is similar to mine, but i'd like to see a world tour from them (preferably one which hits the states, particularly L.A. ) it's been my dream for a while to see T-ara live. also, i do hope that if and when they do choose a fanclub, i hope they pick Diadems i'm quite used to calling myself one already
  8. omg. i'm soooo excited for it. Cry Cry is like my newest jam and i've literally been listening to the song nonstop since its release and i got like near 1k plays of it. (haven't checked, but might be past that already ahaha) the 17th will be like the best too. can't wait to see both the dance version AND their performance. just listening to the song, i can already expect powerful choreography and everything. but i can't stop going through the different ways they could dance to it in my head. how they'll be doing it will be the #1 thing on my mind the entire week haha. i just wanna see them perform already >_<
  9. it's nice to see Hyomin becoming leader. she definitely gives off this sort of "leader-like" vibe. also, the concept for Roly Poly seems to fit her so perfectly i did wish however that Boram got to do more things as leader :<
  10. haven't been able to see this yet, but from reading it, i wouldn't doubt she's good. she's always a good actress and she knows how to act well. to imagine she rocked the role of a japanese homosexual must be interesting... i want to watch it just for her
  11. simply amazing and to see that Johnny is taking care of them already gives me that feeling that they'll be tackling Japan in the big leagues. they're set to be famous overseas with them grats to them and i can't wait for their japanese activities :3
  12. the song is called Roly Poly and it's disco? it sounds soooooo awesome *___* i've always loved the disco era, and i've always loved t-ara... soooo it just sounds like it'll be perfect their comeback is getting me too excited D:
  13. wow.. this sounds awesome. i always loved the 70s and 80s for the music and them bringing it back just makes me so interested in it. can't wait for their comeback!! too bad it's still a month away... >__<
  14. hahaha. this quote makes me want to watch it even more. a scary, yet fun movie sounds interesting :3 i guess i'll be waiting on the download for it, then i can say whether or not it's good (but i'm sure it will be)
  15. ahahaha too cute i totally love the third picture with the giant teddy bear. i do hope she gets enough rest soon since Dream High's pretty much over. all her hard work at least turned out great in the end. gotta love her in that show
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