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  1. Eunjung so cute.....wanting to wait for skinship... dont worry....it will soon comes naturally....love this couple..
  2. I didn't even noticed it at first, but I kinda see it now hahha that why that girl in the white is laughing maybe?
  3. Anyway the doll is really cute and it looks just like her!
  4. Cant wait for their comeback and their japanese debut.... hope it will be a success...
  5. Shes answered all the questions! i wonder the questions would be answered if it was other idols
  6. Jiyeon's Japanese skills are great in that drama! Her acting has really improved too!
  7. wow..they designed the cafe?!?! the cafe looks so beautiful @ outside... woahh!! i hope i can go there! :l
  8. Jangwoo was really good during the Idol Athletics Championship...This episode would be loads of cuteness... Jangwoo drying Eunjung's hair...
  9. can't wait for the new album sounds like a fun concept
  10. OMG ...... what a lots of money...... GOOD LUCK GIRLS Hope they will do well in Japan!
  11. Congrats to Hyomin..:lol: Hope she do well leading the T-ARA
  12. ah Jangwoo-nim....you're so romantic. you make Eunjung and viewer suprise. Hope they're real couple
  13. she look very tired.. though she looked tired but she's still pretty
  14. wah..they go to malaysia?did janggoon-nim go to supprt her? or they on honeymoon? XD can't wait to see the episode..
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