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  1. Oh! You Got RPG or Strategy Genre on your mind already? Can't wait for it to come into fruition! It will be fun to have T-ara on RPG or Strategy game with Fantasy Theme. Will you develop it for PC Platform or Mobile Platform? If it is mobile... which one? Android? iOS? (Android Please!)
  2. Dang it! I tried to search for the app with my ipod and it said the app isn't available in my country! That is way suck… big time! I wish they make a version of the app to be available in my country…
  3. What is ceci? is it the dog name? because the hangeul are telling to love the dog as we love hyomin-ssi! even the shirt got a dog picture on it! as usual, she looks beautiful on everything! Thank for sharing the pictures!
  4. Holy Shoot! I love this kind of drama... There's musics in it! Eunjung playing Piano... KYAAA~~~!!! That's is so cool... Ji Chang Wook and Eunjung seems to be quite a couple there XD. Eunjung with Long hair... Beautiful!!
  5. If it's just the beat without the song lyric... It will be great! Trust me on that... just try creating a Intrumental only from this performance... But somehow singing the Lyric here screw up the music! It sounds weird because of that... Can't wait for the next LD Plus!
  6. As you ask me... I'm leaving comment here at your profile :P

  7. Ryu Hwayoung <3 Ryu Hyoyoung

  8. Wow!!! The power of make up sure is impressive... It could really change someone's appearances... A LOT! Don't know about the others... but when they remove their make up... i could hardly recognize them... It's just like they're someone different entirely! But since I've seen Jiyeon's bare face quite a few times... I Could recognize her. For eunjung.... Well this is my first time I think... I thought that's someone elses lolz.... They look okay without make up... But I like Jiyeon's bare face more... You could say Jiyeon's bare face kind of face is my preference XD
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