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  1. Hello ^^ I'm a JiJung shipper from t-aravn.net, may I have your permission to translate your fic? tks ^^~

  2. T________________T i will forever miss Coffee House i love the drama so much, i love the ending too this is my number one fave korean drama in my life (GOS comes next)
  3. glad they're sitting together cr: 1stmov + jownie + diadem
  4. Hyomin and Eunjung took pics of each other while riding in different vans. LOL! from Eunjung's twitter from Hyomin's twitter daebak!
  5. OMG!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! I WANNA KEEP HER IN MY POCKETS! sorry can't stop flailing over these adorable pics the last pic! /DEAD
  6. xxxiang can you add these? cr: naver + jownie + diadem
  7. she looks sooooooo freaking adorable, i wanna pinch her cheeks hehe the first and second pic scared the hell out of me btw lol thanks for sharing btw, is it me or the classroom/school looks the same in GOD OF STUDY?
  8. they look so good but bad photoshopping is bad haha. OMG I WANT THOSE SIGNED ALBUMS AND SHIRTS /dies thanks for sharing
  9. thanks for sharing, and i approve of him/her being jiyeon-biased hehehe. now all i need are fancams, jiyeon-biased cams hahaha
  10. it's a concert tour sponsored by a beer product i think. Eunjung is busy with Coffee House and Jiyeon is uhm, still a kid lol
  11. omg the photoshop T________T look at what they did to Jiyeon's tummy
  12. i don't see Jiyeon too. hmmmmm. maybe because she's still underage?
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