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  1. lol hyomin really having a great time with soyeon but where is jiyeonssi
  2. out of the core 3 jiyeon is yet to be leader i want her to be but hyomin is doing so great of the job
  3. why doesn't it have a picture how would the innocent know how beautiful jiyeon is
  4. jiyeon ranges really overlaps with soyeon too bad that's the reason why she have so few lines stylist unnie i think you got hyomin and soyeon image wrong hyomin wo the best female rapper after kahi that i have everseen in kpop have a sweet image while soyeon being the lead singer of the group have a image of a bgirl why is it like that
  5. why is no body commenting here and why no member with her
  6. which lady in the mv the one that cause the zombie outbreak?
  7. video video i want to watch sorry for being a spoiled brat haha
  8. if you mean sailr moon the the ribbon in the chest with a crystal is that something missing ) wait are they really all park i haven't notice that lol
  9. i hope jiyeon be the main character or be the leading lady not like eun jung's role
  10. lol if it's true the ticket can't be sold out the wait until lovey dovey aftermath it be sold out in seconds
  11. i want but can't afford to go to usa now buzy time to much things to do wait is it a company performace or just t-ara well anyways as long as jiyeon is performing
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