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  1. That's good to hear that.. really good.. I really hope Eunjung wont get replace and it came true.. thank goodness
  2. This is ridiculous , I'm so dissapointed with CCM decision.. Hwayoung did nothing wrong..
  3. this is daebakkkkkkk can't wait for the sub video.. I'm anticipacing it ^^
  4. this is the best performance... love eujung long hair tho it's an extension.. thank you for sharing this btw..
  5. yup yup, I hope Hwayoung can act someday in drama or something else.. Hwaiting Hwayoung ^^
  6. ohhhh, Joowon!!! he is my fav actor.. that'd be great I bet.. for that I support you Onnie.... hope your dream to become true ^^
  7. lol.. it sound exciting and here I am so excited to wat for that time come.. can't wait for the new dance..
  8. to be honest, I really don't like the 2 new members.. the 7 members of T-ara was doing great.. as a fan I couldnt do anything but to support them because both of them are part of T-ara.. so Areum, I'm looking forward for you.. do your best, neh? ^^
  9. yup, thta's right.. enjoy the stage..you guys are awesome so don't feel pressured^^ T-ara jjang!!!
  10. that's awesome.... congrats to T-ara, I'm proud of you girls ^^
  11. woah, this is totally great.. now I can't wait to see Runing Man next episode.. full of my fav idols XD
  12. Congrats Hyomin Onnie, your hard work was worth it ^^ and Congrats to SPEED also...
  13. Hyomin seems uncomfortable.. they looked kinda awkward with that kissed.. hahahaha well, it's good the other members are there..
  14. I'm looking forward to it.. and Hyomin indeed a talented girl.. ^^
  15. alrite, I dont know what they're talkin about.. but anyway.. thank you for sharing this.. lol
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