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  1. They seemed really lackluster when I saw them at KBS music bank yesterday too.
  2. I saw the video in question. I like the song, but I think the dance could be a little more catchy. The current version is kind of boring. The song seems like a transformed version of Madonna's Love Profusion (which I liked).
  3. I just paid for my domestic membership (not the foreign membership which is cheaper) I hope I can go!
  4. This announcement bothers me on a number of levels. I feel really bad for the girls. They deserve better.
  5. Meh more members does not equal more popularity. If they are serious about going international, maybe they will be English speakers, but beyond that I think this is silly. All they will do is make it harder to focus on Hyomin and Soyeon.
  6. kkkk I told Soyeon that fans worried about their health many times. Nice to see they are acknowledging our concerns.
  7. Oh hell yeah! I just need to find the scouting locations. 4 Words: BB Creme & Glitter kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  8. So far Soyeon wins the sexy award for this concept IMO. Hyomin had it for the last concept (in Korea).
  9. Where did this come from? Preorders haven't shipped yet and they aren't available in Korean stores until Tuesday.
  10. hhhmmm bo peep bo peep bo peep OH! bo peep bo peep bo peep AH AH! I get it. Perfectly logical actually. Constipation or never ending blow out diarrhea ... staring at the toilet paper on the wall... I kinda wish I didn't read that.
  11. Toilet Paper... Biscuits... I'm beginning to see a care package full of pine tree air fresheners in his future.
  12. Grrr... I'm soooooooooooooo tempted to skip class and go to MNet tomorrow but I have already signed up for music bank and I can't miss half a week of class... after missing today for Wave K.
  13. "The truth is our fans have been wandering around. When T-ara isn't actively promoting, it seems that they go off to another place and then come back. One time, I discovered some of our fans near After School's practice room. I asked them what they were doing there and they got embarrassed and ran away," Hyomin revealed creating laughter with her episode. LOL!! I can totally imagine that! If I were in a similiar situation... for example with BEG or Secret I'd just say (in Korean) "What? I like Secret... but I LOVE T-Ara!" kkkkk
  14. Thank god. Once it is released I can officially say I like the drama Cry Cry rather than giving it mediocre reviews.
  15. 30 minute? Hell yeah! ... and since epic is being overused in this thread I'll shift to some other net slang... T-Ara.... Go out there and pwn all those other idol groups in the face!
  16. Am I the only one that had the opposite of innocent thoughts upon seeing that second picture?
  17. ouch... I didn't think the original could get any worse... if they keep this up I'm gonna start showing up in yellow spandex to every event and see how they like it -.- Love the girls... love the music..... but these costumes made me facepalm. At least they removed the stars of David from their cheeks and added... astrology?
  18. Are you in Korea and going to MC tomorrow? I plan to be there too.

  19. not shipping to stores until the 24th according to the places I checked today
  20. I was at the look Optical Event today and managed to get two of their autographs that I thought I'd share. Unfortunately it was a really rushed experience and I only really talked to Hyomin for about 15 seconds "Hi what's your name? Where are you from? Do you spell it J-u-n?" I spoke Korean she spoke English... strange that... being that I'm white. Hopefully she won't read this and take it the wrong way but... She totally needs to watch her stress level right now. Seeing her face to face made me feel like she was way older than her real age and not in a good way. This has been a really demanding past month or two for T-Ara, so I hope they remember to take care of their health. It wasn't until after the signing that I realized I gave her the wrong item to sign lol, I wanted my G7 calendar signed!! Ahh well.. Also, I posted about giving T-Ara gifts at M!Countdown a few weeks ago here: http://www.tiaradiad...showtopic=16996 To give an update, I am really happy to see that they are STILL wearing them as of their most recent Inkigayo appearance. The biggest appearance however was this one: Notice Hyomin's headband... I swear I almost peed my pants when I saw it - an official music video is taking fan appreciation to a whole new level! They've also worn stuff from the package on: - Various TV interviews - Inkigayo - The Opening of Page One - M!CountDown
  21. I went there when they were doing this. I have a video but I didn't upload it. They basically greeted fans on opening weekend and selected random people to receive autographs and their picture taken with them.
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