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  1. WHOAA 23 MILLION IS AMAZING! the song is so addicting and i love the dance. congrats to our girls!
  2. congrats to our girls! their hard work and effort is paying off. their popularity will continue to increase. i am so proud of them!
  3. yay congrats to the girls! their song is soo addicting. tara fighting!
  4. she is really professional and dedicated. i hope she gets a lot of rest and is on the way to a speedy recovery! hyomin fighting!!
  5. i cant wait to hear their remake of this song. im liking the retro concept and will be looking forward to the release! thanks for sharing!
  6. supernova and t-ara love!! im glad to see them interacting with each other after a long while. i wish they would collaborate again since TTL was so awesome!
  7. i actually listened to their songs because of eunjung and i am in love with "I love you! Always happy!". she has a lot of schedules and i just hope she takes care of her health.
  8. the girls are working so hard and their schedules are so packed..i hope she gets better quick! they need to take care of themselves. t-ara fighting!!
  9. congrats and good luck to hyomin! she will be very busy but i know she can do it! hyomin fighting!
  10. congrats to the girls and they look amazing in that picture! the themed rooms looked sooo cute in the wgm episode. T-ara fighting!!!
  11. yayy! ive been looking everywhere for a tutorial since i had a really hard time figuring out how they did that twirl-y hand motions. haha cant wait!
  12. i really liked how part two was really different and that it showed fans from around the world. it was very creative! totally not what i was expecting but it was awesome just the same. T-ara fighting!!
  13. 40 countries! thats amazing! so proud of them and all the hard work they put in. T-ara fighting!
  14. she definitely resembles a doll and i love her big eyes! so prettyy. thanks for sharing!
  15. she is sooo pretty and i am really jealous of her perfect skin. love her selcas
  16. haha she looks very similar to candy! its so cuteee. im loving the hair!
  17. i love that picture of them together! i would watch this but i am not a big fan of horror movies. T-ara fighting!!
  18. yayy! it is great the our girls are receiving so much attention! they are going to be very busyy. thanks for sharing!
  19. tmn

    [11.07.06] T-ara's

    I am so glad that they have a healthy diet and they look amazing too! thanks for sharing this!
  20. I'm pretty sure they are going to be able to perform at the tokyo dome one day. Hyomin is such a great leader and she is going to do a great job leading the team. thanks for sharing!
  21. im going to miss seeing them promote on korea but they are going to be very successful in japan! they definitely are the best! T-ara fighting!
  22. aw..delayed one whole week. I'm sad but looking forward to it even more. it is sure to be amazing since they are working so hard on it. thanks for sharing!
  23. i totally agree with their request and i hope the girls stay safe! they are going to do so well in japan!
  24. they looked so pretty and their comeback was amazing! their outfits were pretty cool too thanks for sharing!
  25. congrats to the girls for dominating the charts! no surprises there. the music video was awesome and i cant wait to see the second part! thanks for sharing!
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