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  1. haha she's so cute! i miss the bo pee days too but roly poly will be just as amazing. thanks for sharing!
  2. she looks flawless in this picture as she always does. the song is so awesome and i cant wait for the mv release!
  3. aw one more day to wait? im sure it will be worth it though. i heard the song today and it is so catchy! hopefully everything works out with the file error.
  4. aww sad that the second part is released later but at least we have more to look forward to! cant wait for it!
  5. they look amazing in that picture and im loving the concept like crazy! i am so excited for the mv and i cant wait! just 2 more daysss
  6. whoohoo! A 10 minute mini drama with the members in it! i cant waitttt! only 4 more dayss and i am soo excited
  7. she looks so pretty and innocent in this picture. i love her eyes! thanks for sharing!
  8. yay three days earlier and its 50 seconds long! what a treat! excited for their comeback and thanks for sharing!
  9. soo excited for this! all this information about the music video and their album is getting me pumped up for their comeback.
  10. such a cute dictionary and it even has her name on it! the entire picture itself is so cute! t-ara fighting! thanks for sharing
  11. I'm loving the jacket image and their concept for this promotion. I cant wait for their comeback stage and their album release! thanks for sharing!
  12. wowww! 70,000 applicants in japan! so proud of them. our girls are amazing and i cant wait for their comeback =]
  13. i like the meaning behind the name roly poly cant wait for their comeback and their Japanese debut. i am sure it is going to be a huge success!
  14. congrats to hyomin! its a pretty interesting system that they are doing since we dont see this with other groups. I'm sure that she will do an awesome job as a leader with her experience. cant wait for their comeback!
  15. whoohoo! they are doing soo well and i hope they continue to succeed! all their hard work has paid off and i cant wait to see more from them.
  16. tmn

    [11.04.13] T-ara Soyeon,

    wow thats so sad..it must have been a really difficult time with so much going on. she is doing really well now and i hope she continues to be happy.
  17. haha i love this couple and i cant wait to watch this episode! its gonna be so cute when he teaches her how to swim =]
  18. i like how natural they are together and the skinship doesnt seem forced. I have a feeling that they will kiss sometime in the future.
  19. haha i totally love this couple! they are soo cute and it is always funny to see jang woo jealous
  20. wow she is so talented! the outfits looked really nice. i like their costume concept for this promotion much better than the previous ones.
  21. wow this is so exciting! im excited to hear the new song and see the dance moves. 20 backup dancers?? this is going to be awesome.
  22. this couple is sooo cute! i cant wait to watch the next episode. haha ive watched this episode more than twice already because it was so good.
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