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  1. Honestly these covers are pretty bad and cheap but I'm still slayed
  2. Amazing! Love TiaraDiadem and all the hard work you guys put in for the QUEEN's!
  3. Why is Boram missing? This fan meet is a long way away I guess T-ara will have a new Japanese single out then. I wish they did more fan meets for Gossip Girls to promote it more.
  4. Jiyeon was always my least favourite in T-ara but now that she went solo I've seen a new side of her I'm starting to love her a lot.
  5. I hope someone has the whole episode available for down or stream because I'm dying to see it all!
  6. It's still painful to know that T-ara had so many CFs and were CF queens in the industry before their scandal. Glad their endorsement with DPG is going well and I hope it leads to more
  7. Waa can't wait! Is this the same teaser that was due to come out at 7pm today? Or is this different?
  8. You have to admit that this choreography sounds EXACTLY like Girl's Day's "Something" and that the preview of the song sounds like Sunmi/Hyorin lol.
  9. It's not there fault. Japan isn't really letting Korean artists promote on TV any more. The only people who can are KARA, TVXQ, and sometimes SNSD, but in general they won't let K-pop artists promote except in hallyu magazines and programs
  10. I disagree. T-ara is third most popular Korean girl group in Japan. They're still profitable in Japan, unlike many other Korean artists who debuted there. But I wouldn't be surprised if J-Rock decided not to renew the contract (which was a record-breaking 4.3 million when they signed it) due to Hallyu wave dying and T-ara's scandal. When T-ara signed with J-rock they were on the path to becoming the second biggest girl group in Korea (and Asia) after Girls' Generation, but after the scandal they were knocked down to mid-tier. Still, I think they are profitable in Japan and any agency would be lucky to have them over there. Especially now that their Korean popularity is rising again, and Hyomin was able to headline her own Japanese movie.
  11. I love Soyeon! Was this before her new QBS surgeries or after?
  12. This was the most stunning photoshoot and concept.
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