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  1. I hope they fully promote the singles this time smh. It's no surprise that Bunny Style and Target flopped when they basically did no promo.

    It's not there fault. Japan isn't really letting Korean artists promote on TV any more. The only people who can are KARA, TVXQ, and sometimes SNSD, but in general they won't let K-pop artists promote except in hallyu magazines and programs

  2. Just another theory but maybe because those late buyers ordered Number 9 as a side order while they were purchasing the Treasure Box Concert DVD? It did get to #5 on the Oricon charts..


    Ah yes that could be why! I was just wondering why the single would shoot up late like this, it's so strange. There must be a reason if it isn't buy backs. The DVD theory seems right.

  3. QUEEN'S were disappointed last month when "NUMBER NINE / Kioku ~Kimi ga Kureta Michishirube~" flopped on Japan's Oricon charts, debuting at No. 13 with about 9000 copies, making it T-ara's lowest-charting single in Japan. The song quickly fell down the charts after that, but this past week it rebounded back to No. 22 with 4,358 copies.

    The total sales are now 17,058 copies. Still not that good but at least it's now higher than the sales of "Target."

    I don't know why it had a sales increase but maybe it was to do with T-ara's Japanese fanclub closing down?

  4. I've read conflicting reports about how popular T-ara is in China/Taiwan (and neighbouring areas). Some places say T-ara is the most popular Korean girl group in Chinese region, some say that are third most popular after miss A and f(x) (who have Chinese members), and some rankings say they aren't even in the top five most popular.

    Does anybody have any idea of their popularity there? If T-ara is big in China then it basically means they are one of Asia's top girl groups (besides SNSD) since we know they are third most popular Korean girl group in Japan, and already know they have many QUEEN's in Vietnam and places like that.

  5. Oooh. Speculation time!

    I postulate that despite their best efforts, T-ara has not been as profitable in Japan (relatively-speaking) as CCM hoped they would be. Think about it, if the profits from Japan were sky high, they would milk that cash cow with every possible gimmick, year in year out. Taking a long hiatus In this idol-saturated market, could easily mean irrecoverable lost ground unless you're a really big household name.

    So naturally, T-ara's venturing out to extend and deepen (if possible) their appeal in other markets. China with it's large, youthful population is quite a prize.

    I disagree. T-ara is third most popular Korean girl group in Japan. They're still profitable in Japan, unlike many other Korean artists who debuted there. But I wouldn't be surprised if J-Rock decided not to renew the contract (which was a record-breaking 4.3 million when they signed it) due to Hallyu wave dying and T-ara's scandal. When T-ara signed with J-rock they were on the path to becoming the second biggest girl group in Korea (and Asia) after Girls' Generation, but after the scandal they were knocked down to mid-tier.

    Still, I think they are profitable in Japan and any agency would be lucky to have them over there. Especially now that their Korean popularity is rising again, and Hyomin was able to headline her own Japanese movie.

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