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  1. Not crazy about the tracklist... Would be better if they replaced some songs like "Wanna Play?" with Japanese versions of T-ara N4 tracks
  2. Wow so excited! These kinds of radio-friendly, emo hip-hop ballads always do SO well in Korea, so I hope that this one follows suit. If it had been released pre-scandal it would be a shoe-in for No.1 (just like T-ara and Davichi's "We Were In Love") but now I'm not so sure. Look at the top five top selling songs for this year. Two of the five are hip-hop ballads with male/female combo.. Songs with over 100 million DAs: 1. Psy - Gentleman: 211,154,800 [8/8] 2. BaeChiGi ft. Ailee - Shower of Tears - 197,471,831 [20/20] 3. Sistar19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer - 196,758,397 [18/18] 4. LeeSsang (ft. Yoojin of The Seeya) - Tears - 186,409,271 [19/19] 5. Huh Gak (ft. Yoo Seung Woo) - Monodrama - 181,825,270 [19/19]
  3. This is incredible. Who would have thought? Even if nothing comes from this (I don't really see T-ara becoming famous outside of Asia) the publicity this is bringing them back home is really helping them. "Countryside Life" has bounced up the charts ever since this whole Chris Brown thing was announced.
  4. Us QUEEN'S know the truth about the ricecake incident for a long time, but netizens choose to believe lies.
  5. Hwayoung please come forward and defend T-ara. Don't be spiteful.
  6. I don't like the choreography but maybe it'll look good when paired with the song. Also, the outfits look too much like Lovey-Dovey...
  7. Love how Kween Hyomin helps choose the outfits for T-ara and lets T-ara shine with a unique style
  8. This is really good!!! 40k first day Bo Peep Bo Peep did 20k first day and is their biggest hit. Now bunny Style is gonna be bigger!
  9. I love it now. I hated it first listen but now I stan for it.
  10. This concept is for Japan and they are intentionally doing a tacky "idol pop" style concept to appeal to the J-pop fans. Some groups have an edgier image for Japan (SNSD), some do cuter (KARA), and T-ara are doing the tacky cheap style of J-pop that many of the big idols do like Momoiro Clover Z and that kind of artist. Don't be upset QUEEN'S because this is just T-ara's plan for Japanese market. When they do a K-pop comeback they won't have this type of concept. By the way, Ahreaum is beautiful and a great replacement for Hwayoung. Of course I could rather that Hwayoung never left but if anybody had to replace her I'm glad it's Ahreum. She has the same talent as Hwayoung and a lot of beauty and she just naturally fits into the group. Ideally I wish Hwayoung stayed, even though I hate when big groups have an even number of members, it would have been cute for Ahreum and Hwa to be friends and maybe do a sub-unit.
  11. I love how all these idols and fans (with food support) are supporting T-ara and Eunjung
  12. Our girls prove the haters wrong by having every song they released this year in the top 50. Not many other groups can do that!
  13. This is amazing! He really spoke the TRUTH. I can't believe AllKPop did not post this... They only post negative things about T-ara. I'm only allowed to write reviews on AKP or else I would have posted this,
  14. Pathetic netizens! They leave nasty comments yet they watch every show T-ara does and they all purchased Sexy Love in secret.
  15. Dani really looks like Krystal mixed with Suzy. Dani fighting!
  16. I can't wait to see! I know Diadem subbers will sub this for everyone so we can see what our beautiful girls have to say
  17. Eunjung is beautiful and so talented! More ppl need to come out and support her after everything she's been through!
  18. Wow! I am proud of the Russian QUEEN'S! I hope Australian QUEEN'S can do something similar!!! QUEEN'S WORLDWIDE HWAITING!
  19. T-ara isn't a K-pop group... they're a ASIA-POP group. They have fans all across Asia and the world and many international QUEEN'S appreciate them more than the Korean QUEEN'S do because we know not to believe their fake scandals.
  20. I know. Male idols like BIGBANG get in drug scandals and manslaughter (!), but netizens make up a rumor that T-ara are bullies and it almost destroys them
  21. This is absolutely disgusting and I'm in shock that they would do this to her.
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