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  1. what a cute nickname... our horomi!!! horomi hwaiting!! cant wait to watch it!!
  2. so sweet of them.. come to support the leader.. they are so nice!!
  3. finally they are put in one show.. i'm totally gonna watch this show....
  4. she been updating her pic so much lately.. love it!! she look beauty no matter what she does..
  5. i really love their outfit.. i wish i can have one of them
  6. she look so cute with the v sign.. very sexy pic also
  7. i miss that pic.. also saw eunjung post in the same concept outfit the super cute in them..
  8. the concept totally fits her.. she has natural beauty.. jealous with her!!
  9. i hope they will success in japan too.. i will support them in whatever they do..
  10. many girl fans?? so goood!!! i am happy for them!! t-ara is the best!!
  11. the girls totally will make it there!! i believe in them.. their talent are awesome!!
  12. this include my country also!! t-ara very popular in my country tooo.. t-ara hwaiting!!
  13. i dont think there is thing like copy each other.. retro is very wide concept.. but i think t-ara retro concept is the best!!!
  14. of course they are among the best.. just dont stress them out!! go t-ara!!
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