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  1. aoikage

    [PICS] Eunjung for 307Studios (12/26)

    Oh girl Jiwon... I'd gladly swap Eunjung with her on my bias list but she ain't T-ara no more.
  2. aoikage

    [IG] Hyoji Kwon Update Feat. Eunjung (12/19)

    And who is hwojikwon? I envy the most those who can capture Eunjung in no makeup face.
  3. And all this time I had thought he was Jiyeon's younger brother. But his shoutout to Soyeon is funny
  4. aoikage

    [IG] Roger Kim's Update feat. Qri (12/13)

    Seems like she spent her precious time with her homies. But her expressions are just never ordinary, I guess.
  5. aoikage

    [IG] smalllady0311 Instagram update feautring Qri (12/12)

    Aaaah... that blond girl is indeed Han Bo Reum.
  6. aoikage

    [IG] Qri Update (12/13)

    First pic, the blond girl, third person from the left... is she Han Bo Reum?
  7. aoikage

    [IG] Qri's Instagram Update (11/26)

    What is this? What is she trying to convey? That she's promoting Little Apple?
  8. There will be people saying this is copying Crayon Pop's style. I'm saying it first.
  9. aoikage

    [PRESS] T-ara at Gimpo Airport to Beijing (10/13)

    Wow, I think this is one of the rare occasions where they all look gorgeous while still looking normal at the airport. But yeah, Qri's pants...
  10. aoikage

    [IG] Eunjung's Instagram Update (10/08)

    Oh please stahp this already... just stahp! Keumanhaera Jungiya!
  11. Did we really send them a lobster? Wouldn't it have been cold by the time they were eating it? Sorry OOT, can't help it
  12. Great feat! But where's my 13-remix album already?
  13. aoikage

    [IG] Kim Woori Update with Eunjung and Hyomin (09/22)

    Are you sugar free serious? He doesn't look like a hair stylist, and usually hair stylists are female, right? And he's quite good looking for a hair stylist, I thought he was a Korean movie star lol.
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