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  1. After what Brave Bro did to Hyomin and few other artists recently, I would not favor his song for T-ara. Really I cannot imagine how much of a fresh and new song Brave Bro could produce.

    Just listen to his songs from this past year or two, from Sistar and TeenTop to Hyuna and Speed and AOA and very recently Hyomin: they all sound like some recycled mashed up songs!

    Brave Bro was the man only back then when he produced BigBang's hits.

    As for ShiTiger, he's full of surprises, very flexible and versatile in sounds, arrangements, and style. He can be annoyingly catchy like in T-ara's Bo Peep Bo Peep and Roly Poly, but can be dramatic as well in Beast's Fiction. And looking back at his past works for T-ara, I prefer ShiTiger for T-ara's title track.

    And it's a good call by CCM for not enlisting Duble Sidekick again, at least for now. They've been rising too fast, working too many projects, and now they sound watered down. I'm still holding a grudge for what they did to Jiyeon's solo track.

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