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  1. Nice body is nice. But Brave Bros ain't that nice.
  2. It was a hot debut stage, literally. Her live performance impressed me more than the neatly done MV.
  3. The show doesn't seem rude at all lol... I was expecting to see the rude comments.
  4. Mr. Dessert as a song title sounds... iunno. Will this be in the mini album?
  5. I don't feel the song. But Eunjung's almost-bare-face is shiny...
  6. I don't know how to react lol... It is rude indeed, but somehow I feel like this is about the best way they could be blatanly honest. MNET is parent co of CCM, where Jiyeon is housed. And I believe, Jiyeon has passed that stage where she would get much hurt by bypassers' rude comments. Those won't kill her, and she'll come out stronger and better. You know, she's Jiyeon. *I bet some celebs do feel curious of what sort of bad comments would be said about them by people on the streets lol*
  7. I'm so sold on the official pic already lol... So buying this album! I'm hoping she didn't actually lose weight in that pic... that being said, wish they hadn't used much PS.
  8. Ok, so what's the story here? I can't catch anything in Japanese. What's with lucky wannabe?
  9. Why didn't they use that English line as the chorus in the original Korean song? It makes more sense, catchier. Eitherway, the song is still a fun track.
  10. I don't see anything upsetting with this news, but the phrase "controversial clips" made me curious. Is the point of article the delay or the controversy in that clips?
  11. I can't even... I didn't even read the article. That sort of transformation requires determination. Just hoping it goes well.
  12. There you go! Bet our Indonesian and Filipino Diadems (sbox regulars) are ecstatic right now. Feel happy for SEA fans, but when will they perform in the States now?
  13. That's what I thought at first, but that would be pronounced "Jay-on" lol.
  14. Yes, I believe so, he's Cho Young Soo the composer behind many CCM's songs.
  15. Wow them HD pics! Gotta admit, Hyomin looks stunning at first glance. Qri's extension just can't go away, I guess. Now, I'm suspecting it's her who insists on keeping it on, not the style/concept director. Eunjung doesn't look too comfy there. Maybe, the short cut doesn't look very familiar with such girly outfits. Her short hair expressions were usually the fierce ones. Still, all pretty.
  16. Literally it would translate to "I'm Still You" but I guess it means something along the line like what Higara Seonsaengnim said I'm Missing You, I'm Still (Not Over/All About/Into/For/insert your own word) You.
  17. Oooh blocked... MBC trying to keep us sane. Thanks, MBC!
  18. That... is... Hwayoung... May she become an actress that she's hoping for. Wanna see her meeting T-ara again
  19. Ooh... I wasn't going to type up a long comment, I was just mesmerized by them, especially that short-haired girl who never fails to catch my attention. That fresh looks, fresh breath of air, shining charms. But I know 'Ooh' isn't gonna fly by the comment rules. So, I have to type this long comment which was not what I wanted to do in the first place.
  20. 1. For reference: T-ara is ranked the second highest for #1 songs out of those who had the latest debut date - Busker Busker is first. - I thought T-ara would be 3rd in that sense. 2NE1 was formed in 2009, so belong to the same age group as T-ara. Unless different calculation is used. 2. That Kim Jonggook. - The only Kim Jonggook who would have that many hit songs I know is the Running Man' KJK. When was he a CCM artist? To be honest, it's quite surprising to T-ara rank higher that SNSD. Wish the reporter had listed the hit songs.
  21. While you guys are wondering about whether they get free time to rest or not... I'm here wondering, I thought their Jap contract is expiring soon? Either their contract is in consideration for a renewal, or the agency just want to squeeze the leftover sugars in T-ara from their remaining Jap contract life. The second scenario ain't sound too nice.
  22. That is some random reappearance of Roly Poly. But always great to see them perform their biggest hit again. DYKM is definitely my fav retro song of T-ara though.
  23. That Soyeon pic... classic! That pose, that bangs, that smile... I feel like watching T-ara that just debuted.
  24. Marry me already... oh wait, I'm already taken, sorry Jungie ah!
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