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  1. WHat kind of snacks are roly poly? Asian companies have wacky names.
  2. Only Eunjung didn't take selca. Speaks volumes to me
  3. I'm surprised they're not wearing sunglasses. Hyomin looks hot :|
  4. not a fan of black and white photos. retro doesnt have to be black and white :|
  5. Asian disco? Interesting... Soyeon doing disco would be really funny to see.
  6. The quest to see this episode has been long and tiresome. Eunjung is hot.
  7. I've never seen a smile out of Hyomin that wasn't subdued. She's like Gahee in that sense. Trying to avoid wrinkles or something? Btw, Eunjung is hawt.
  8. Is she the main singer in T-ara? I don't actually know who sings well in this group. All I know is Eunjung is hawt :|
  9. Eunjung's eyebrows look faded in that last photo. She's still hot tho
  10. eunjung knows a lot of guys. in other words, jangwoo has slim to no chance at wooing her.
  11. i wonder how much the group actually gets out of that 3 billion.
  12. hyomin looks like one of those girls that gives guys a really hard time. you can interpret that any way you want.
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