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  1. Oh no =[ she did tweet about her fever earlier hopefully its just that and nothing more serious. I hope she gets well soon
  2. Roly Poly happened because of biscuits huh? I wonder what E-Tribe was doing when he came up with Yayaya
  3. I hope this song is like their stuff from AFA, their best stuff imo. Ridiculously excited for the 30 minutes MV though
  4. ^^ She actually let SM on her own will But anyways Soyeon looks better and better with every selca she takes. I really hope i can meet her someday
  5. I love the two new songs but I just listened to two of the remixes and well...they werent very different. Why Are You Being Like This only remixed the beginning and Eunjungs rap. Ma Boo only remixed the first 40 seconds. The rest of each song were exactly the same.
  6. lame, they could've at least given us the audio. I stayed up for nothing EDIT: whoops double post...feel free to delete
  7. lame, they could've at least given us the audio. I stayed up for nothing
  8. Dang the 2nd part wont be until next week. Oh well they shot 30 hours straight for this so I guess I can wait a week
  9. Looks like they're really going all out for this album. Really hoping that all the girls get equal time in the drama
  10. She is so cute words cant even describe... Following her on twitter is definitely worth it even if I cant understand her lmao
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